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Take a look at Tira's training, publications about her and her work, and affiliations with various organizations.

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It's with pride and gratitude that I recognize the courses and instructors that have provided the foundation for my engraving.

Professional Training
Course Instructor Year Location
Jewelry II Christine Martino 2008 Newtown, PA
Steel/Bright Cut Engraving Ron Smith/Diane Scalese 2007


Grand Masters Program Session 1 Winston Churchill 2007 GRS
Grand Masters Program Session 2 Ken Hunt 2007 GRS
Stone Setting Comprehensive Blaine Lewis 2007 New Approach School for Jewelers
Bulino Engraving Chris DeCamillis 2007 GRS
Advanced Engraving Sam Alfano 2006 GRS
Jewelry Engraving Sam Alfano 2005 GRS
Layout & Design Lee Griffiths 2004 GRS
Jewelry & Silversmithing Christine Martino 2000 Newtown, PA
Intermediate Engraving Benno Heune 1996 Modesto, CA
Basic Engraving Benno Heune 1995 Modesto, CA

These are publications about Tira or featuring some of her work.

Publication Story Date
Bucks County Herald Doylestown engraver's work on view at Penn's Landing June 16, 2009
The Engraver: The Journal of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America Pilgrimage to Emporia: One Engraver's Journey Issue 77, January, February, March 2008
Helmet Hair Magazine Tira Mitchell: Featured Artist January-March 2007
V-Twin Magazine SAGA II: A Metal Legend's Story (Featuring a bike Tira engraved for James Hetfield of Metallica) April 2004
Easyriders Magazine SAGA: James Hetfield's Bobbed Chop November 2001


Organizations in which Tira is a proud member.

Society of North American Goldsmiths

Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths

Engraver's Cafe

Firearms Engravers Guild of America

Forks of the Delaware Historical Arms Dociety